SigmaPlot 12 has Twelve Exciting New Features!

(5) Worksheet Improvements


Worksheet Mini-Toolbar

A right-click mini-toolbar is available for worksheet cell editing.  This can be used to Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete selected, Select All and Transpose Paste.  Its advantage is that it works directly on the worksheet region that you are editing.  The following is a view of the mini-toolbar.


Zoom Enabled Worksheet

All zoom and the hand cursor pan controls on the status bar, except the Custom Zoom, control the worksheet zoom level.  This is a very useful feature since quite frequently you scroll the worksheet when you really want to zoom out and pan.  The plus/minus buttons zoom by 10%.  The slider and panel control can be used also.  Press the space bar to toggle the hand cursor for panning.


Quick Transforms are Saved and Shown in Property Browser

Quick transforms that are run on a worksheet are saved with the worksheet and listed in the Property Browser.  They can then be rerun from this list.

Middle Mouse Wheel Scrolls Worksheet

The middle mouse wheel can now be used to vertically scroll the worksheet too.  This is much simpler than using the slider controls.

Formatted Text in Worksheet Cells

Text in the worksheet can now be formatted with super and subscript, bold, Greek letters, etc. and can be used in tick labels.  Subscripts are shown in the X axis tick labels in the graph below.

(6) Report Improvements

(7) New Curve Fitting Features

(8) New Statistics Features

(9) New Analysis and Transform Language Features

(10) New Graphing Features

(11) Application Support Features

(12) Macro Support Features

(1) Microsoft Office Style Ribbons

(2) New Property Browser

(3) User Interface Improvements

(4) Improved Graph Page Navigation

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