SigmaPlot 12 has Twelve Exciting New Features!

(6) Report Improvements


Custom Tables in Reports

Tables with predefined styles or user-customized may be placed in the SigmaPlot report.  Data in the table may be copy and pasted to or from an Excel worksheet.  The control for inserting a pre-defined or custom table is shown below followed by an example table.


Zoom Enabled Report

All zoom controls on the status bar, except the custom zoom, determine the zoom level in the report.  The hand cursor panning control is also not available in the report.

Both Vertical and Horizontal Rulers Exist in Report

The report has been improved by adding the vertical ruler so that both vertical and horizontal rulers are available.

Control Report Background Color

The report background color may be changed using the Page Background control on the Format ribbon of the Report tab.


PDF Button Added

PDF output is frequently used so a button specifically for this output has been added in the Graph Output ribbon of the Home tab.  Also PDF export has been enhanced by the use of a new version of the report engine.

Drag and Drop Word Content to Report Page

Word 2007 and 2010 content may now be drag and dropped directly to the report page.

(7) New Curve Fitting Features

(8) New Statistics Features

(9) New Analysis and Transform Language Features

(10) New Graphing Features

(11) Application Support Features

(12) Macro Support Features

(1) Microsoft Office Style Ribbons

(2) New Property Browser

(3) User Interface Improvements

(4) Improved Graph Page Navigation

(5) Worksheet Improvements

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