SigmaPlot 12 has Twelve Exciting New Features!

(2) New Property Browser

The new graph object and property browser is shown below.  Object selection in the graph is displayed in the upper Page Objects window and the object's properties displayed in the Object Properties window below.  The user selects an object on the graph which is then displayed in the Page Objects window and its properties are displayed in the Object Properties list on the left.

Upon selecting or changing a property the graph updates immediately with no clicking of Ok or Apply required.  This feature is called the Dynamic Update.  Property group styles may be copied and applied across like groups thus simplifying property specification.  New window show/hide/Auto hide buttons are seen in the upper right corner of the windows above.  These are used for window real-estate management.

(3) User Interface Improvements

(4) Improved Graph Page Navigation

(5) Worksheet Improvements

(6) Report Improvements

(7) New Curve Fitting Features

(8) New Statistics Features

(9) New Analysis and Transform Language Features

(10) New Graphing Features

(11) Application Support Features

(12) Macro Support Features

(1) Microsoft Office Style Ribbons

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