Self Balancing Robot



An inverted pendulum system is a highly coupled multivariable, nonlinear and unstable system. It is the perfect experimental device to examine various control theories. Controllability, stability, robustness and some other key performance in control will be examined in the process of controlling such system.

The self-balancing robot is in fact a movable 3 Dof inverted pendulum system. The system, taking the gyro as feedback, is balanced by outputting different torque in two wheels.

System Characteristic:

  • More degree of freedom compare to linear and planar inverted pendulum
  • Using real-time workspace in MATLAB.
  • Embedded PC104 system with windows operating system
  • Online editing and modifying the control algorithm.
  • Various extension interface for add-on sensors, e.g. vision
  • Providing MATLAB functions

Reference Experiments :

  • Gyro application and experiments.
  • System Modeling
  • Open Loop System Analysis
  • PID Controller Design
  • Pole Placement Controller Design
  • LQR Controller Design
  • User Defined Controller Design


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