XYZ Stage


XYZ stage, together with single axis linear module and XY table belongs to Googol's NC series products. They are the basic components of CNC processing, electronic machining equipment, as well as the general platform for different scientific research, application developing and educational experiment. The XYZ stage series is designed with modularisation and industrial manufacturing standard, suitable for manufacturing fields and colleges.
The accompanying software is developed based on object-oriented technology. 3 axes motion control system main functions and G code compiling DLL are all included, which will realize different single-axis motor motion modes (S curve, T curve, speed mode, electronic gear mode) control, 2/3-axis interpolation or synchronizing controls. In addition, it provides abundant graphical interface, which displays curves of the motor parameters (speed, acceleration, position) in real time. Moreover, it displays real-time platform simulation and actual motion trajectory. Users can choose different experiment modules according to different experiments need, and this greatly facilitates their educational experiments and research work.

System Characteristics:

  • Modularized structure thus can be used as single-axis linear modules or XY tables.
  • Modularization in mechanical, electrical components and software, easy for research and extension.
  • Industrial standard components are used to ensure reliability of the system
  • PC + motion controller control mode is adopted for flexibility.

Control Software:

  • Composed of guiding algorithm, obstacle-avoiding algorithm, signal processing, wireless communication protocol and other parts.
  • Guiding algorithm: developed according to multi-frequency magnetic guiding mode of AGV to ensure the vehicle travels in the preset trajectory.
  • Signal processing: process the sensor signal of the guiding module, for guiding algorithm.
  • Obstacle avoiding algorithm: React according to the obstacle-avoiding sensor of the vehicle to ensure the safety stop of the vehicle when obstacle is encountered.
  • Wireless communication protocol: The integrated software interface of the vehicle system is wireless Ethernet communication protocol based on 802.11g/b.

Experiment and Research Contents:

  • Basic Experiments

    • motion control system basic experiment
    • motion control system PID control experiment
    • motor and drive device comprehension and tuning
    • single-axis motion planning experiment
    • 2D, 3D interpolation principle and application
    • XYZ table motion control experiment
    • NC code programming experiment
  • Research Experiments

    • 2D, 3D motion control application system development
    • 2D, 3D trajectory interpolation algorithm research
    • Development and research of CNC system NC code interpreter


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