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Solutions 4U, based in Singapore and Malaysia provides the leading technological products, computational software, professional training, technical services and consultancy for engineers, scientists, and technical professionals. We are proud of our reputation as one of the Asia most efficient and technically able suppliers in our field. We have achieved and maintain this reputation by a strategy of technical expertise, an ethical business model, the provision of enterprise solutions, and a highly efficient and responsive approach to customer.

Solutions 4U pledged to deliver quality services to our customers through our innovative systems and dedication. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality product and solutions that will enable technical professionals and developers to maximize the benefits of technical computing, to significantly reduce analytical time and development cost.

Solutions 4U has been helping customers collect, analyze, simulate, organize and present data to deliver information and knowledge. Customers in the arena of research, design, development and education gain competitive advantage, improve productivity, and increase reliability and efficiency using our products and services.

Why do customers keep choosing Solutions4U? A simple reason is that we listen and work with them to identify, implement and support the best solution to meet their long-term goals, objectives and needs. Solutions 4U – is an experience you can rely on.

We enjoy building on our success, and we are dedicated to providing the best products, the best customer service and the best technical solutions in the region, in line with our mission to be the Asia best multi-source supplier of hardware and software for technical computing applications.

Our Commitment

Solutions 4U is committed to developing quality products, solutions and programmes with professional technical team and trainers in delivering products, training and technical solutions that are at pace with the dynamic changes in our technology world. As an independent technology and training authority, Solutions4U is able to provide an impartial assessment and customize Jump-start training programmes and technical solutions for clients with different technical and soft skill needs.

Technical and Customer Support

Our customers are skilled professionals, and our technical support team is made up of highly qualified engineers, technical and IT experts who are capable of comprehending your needs and solving your problems. We have the expertise to understand your application and the commitment to make sure we give you prompt, courteous and efficient service, from your initial information request to whatever technical support you may need after you acquired one of our products, services or solutions.
We place customer service at the very top of our list of priorities, and we have invested heavily both in technology and in training our people to provide you with the service you expect

Our Suppliers

We constantly seek to supply and support the best software and hardware products in their class, products we believe in, products that we are confident to offer our customers value for money and an excellent return on their investment. Our suppliers are well established developers offering leading edge technologies, and innovative and robust products. We choose suppliers with whom we can maintain a cordial and productive working relationship, and whose goals, business practices and concern for customers match our own.

Training, Seminars, Consultancy

We provide a portfolio of course designed to meet your learning needs. These include a full engineering and technical curriculum, quality awareness, ICT desktop applications, soft skills development and management enhancement courses. We will also help your staffs to gain essential skill set through a variety of activities: Interactive seminars, practical workshop, hands-on training and enrichment series.

We run regular training courses for some of our most popular. They are designed to provide practical, hands-on experience to bring users up to speed quickly, show you how to get the most out of the software and maximise the productivity benefits to be had from your investment. Training can also be arranged at your site.

We offer Technical Jump-start solutions and consultancy services which giving customers the opportunity to utilize some our technical experts’ time to help them get up and running faster. We can assist, for example, with installation and configuration, customization, integration within existing systems and practices, product training and more.

Our Customers

Our customers consists of professionals, researchers, lecturers and senior officers in universities, colleges, academies and technical schools; in government and local authority establishments, research institutes, hospitals and health organizations; and in industrial and commercial R&D, design, production and test facilities.

Individual users of our products and services can be described as anyone using personal computers in a scientific, engineering, research or technical application; they range from engineers and designers developing innovative new products or processes to researchers conducting experiments in all branches of physical and life sciences.

Our customer base involve in applications of mechanical, electrical or electronic engineering design, and in scientific, chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical application development.