Motion Control Products

Motion control is a sub-field of automation, in which the position and/or velocity of machines are controlled using some type of device such as a hydraulic pump, linear actuator, or an electric motor, generally a servo. Motion control is an important part of robotics and CNC machine tools, however it is more complex than in the use of specialized machines, where the kinematics are usually simpler. The latter is often called General Motion Control (GMC). Motion control is widely used in the packaging, printing, textile, semiconductor production, and assembly industries.

Googol Technology's is the leading supplier of high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-use motion controllers. Googol's complete line of motion controllers includes single and multi-axis, bus-based and stand-alone, box-level and card-level controllers. Communication options include Ethernet, RS232, RS232/485, PCI, ISA and PC104. The GH Series offers the highest speed and performance while the GE Series is designed for cost-sensitive applications.

PC- Based Motion Control Cards Solutions

General Purposed GT Motion Controller Series

An universal controller which could used for simple point-to-point control equipment to highly profiled motion control equipment, such as measuring machine, PCB drilling machine, SMT, engraving machine, NC lathe, machining center, water jet cutter, laser cutting machine, robot etc.
GT-200 Series 3-axis DSP based Motion Controller
GT-400 Series 3-axis DSP based Motion Controller
GT-800 Series 3-axis DSP based Motion Controller

GT Series Functionsl List Comparison


Cost Sensitive GE Motion Controller Series

Googol's GE Series motion controllers deliver precise, multi-axis control in a low-cost package, it was designed for motion control equipments that adopt continuous trajectory motion mode. such as engraving machines, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, water jet cutter, PCB milling machine, and wafer cutting machine, etc.
GE-300 Series 3-axis DSP based Motion Controller
GE-800 Series 8-axis DSP based Motion Controller

GE Series Functionsl List Comparison


Compact and Powerful GM Motion Controller

The heart of Googol GM-400 is its PMD 1401A DSP motion chipset that handles the servo algorithms with PID and velocity filtering for all four axes. It performs the intensive computational tasks required for high performance applications such as digital velocity, torque and position control. It is ideally suitable for PC-based applications such as machine tool control, packaging and factory automation.
GM-400 Motion Controller



High Speed and Accuracy GH Motion Controller

GH-800 motion controllers are pumped up with high performance 32-bits DSP, FPGA & Flash technology for responsibe and precision motion control. It can control 8 servomotors, applicable to the fields with higher requirements for speed and accuracy, such as medical treatment equipment, semiconductor manufacturing and high-accuracy test equipment.
GH-800 Motion Controller



Compact Solutions for Position and Speed Measurement

The GO-400 is a multifunction PC acquisition card providing analog and digital inputs/outputs, high precision operation for quadrature incremental encoders, timer/counter for real-time operation and counting external events. The evaluation of the incremental encoder signals and communication with PC are performed completely by a FPGA chip.
GO-400 Multifunction Data Acquisition Card


Embedded Motion Control Solutions

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Embedded Motion Control System

The embedded systtem is a stand-alone, open-architectural motion control board. It had the advantages of high reliability under humid, dusty, vibrated and magnetic industrial environments, and lower customer cost because no extra PC is needed. It can be used as an ideal CNC development platform for many kinds of industrial applications such as PCB drilling, engraving, laser cutting etc.
E-Series All-in-one Embedded Motion Controller
Embeded Motion Controller System (GT/GE/GH + Processor Unit)

Motion Laser Control Solutions

Laser Scanner Motion Controller

This series of motion controller are being integrated and designed for laser application. Based on high precision DSP processor and FPGA technology, this type of controller can control scanner, motors and laser synchronously and effectively. The scanning capability varies from small scan field to large scan field, suitable for the uses of laser cutting, laser engraving, laser drilling, etc.
GT-400-SCAN Laser Scanner Motion Controller
GE-300-SG LASER/LASAN Motion Controller
GE-200-SV-SCAN Laser Scanner Motion Controller

Integrated Control System Solutions
Network Motion Controllers and Network Interface
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Network Interface Motion Controller

The Googol Network-based motion controller is used on situtation for distributed and long distance motion control between actuators and control system. Googol Technology mainly provides PROFIBUS-DP, Ethernet and RS-485 network interface modules and we adopts PC104 bus communication standard between network interface module and motion controller. We do provide customization for certain volume requirement.
GN Universal Network Controller
GN Profibus-DP Interface Module
GN Ethernet Interface Module
GN RS232/485 Interface Module
GN RS485 Interface Module

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