Realistic systems and real process is essence in embed understanding

With Our expertise and understanding of the subject ensure our equipment embodies the most important features of modern control systems. Googol Technology has been successfully integrated most of its individual control challenge modules into real-life scale-down solutions for Educational Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and logistic system. Both systems are an open architecture platform, suitable to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience of how real control systems work and how real processes behave in the fields of automatic control, CNC, manufacturing, mechantronics, industrial engineering and logistics etc.

Googol Technology provdies standard educational FMS and logistics system that successfully meeting the training requirements of academia and industry. We also provide customized solutions according to customer's special order.

    Educational Flexible Manufacturing and Logistic Systems

    Main Feature:


    • A small-size FMS or logistic system to simulate industrial process
    • An integrated system with practical manufacturing capability


    • Open architecture
    • Open control platform
    • Open source code
    • Open interface


    • Configurable on the storage system and belt/tape lines
    • Can integrate different operational machine


    • Industrial grade components
    • Design according to real Industrial production
    • Using most common parts in industrial facilities

    Googol Technology Modular Equipment

    The following partial list of options are available for customization for each unique laboratory, contactl us to get more details.

Automatic Storage

- Safety
- Advanced motion controller +AC servo motor
- Open-structure
- Expandability

Automatic Stacker Crane Control Center
- Industrial standard control box
- Duo working mode: manual / parallel

O/R Conveying
- Equipped with photoelectric sensor, connecting to PLC applicable I/O module for signal detection
 Advanced motion controller +AC servo motor

Belt Conveyor System

Roller Conveyor system

Chain Conveyor System

Curve Conveyor System

3-stage Inverted Pendulum

- Composed of CCD camera, lens, image acquisition card and related identification software
- Sorting and picking material by camera
- PC+ image acquisition card open structure, customized image process algorithms

Terminal Surveillance System

- Automatic 3X zoom lens
- Network online surveillance
- 2-DOF platform control
- Playback function

Terminal Control System

- ProfiBus-DP server control system
- Logistic system management software
- Storage management software
- Network communication software
- WMS storage management software
- MES manufacturing execution software

Laser Engraving Machine

Subject Coverage

FMS System

- Motor control theory including AC servo motor, stepping motor, induction motor.
- Sensors that usually used in the industry including photovoltaic and photoinductive sensors, limit switch sensors(electromechanical) and encoder.
- Transmission theory including timing belt transmission, and master screw transmission, etc.
- Pneumatic components including cylinder, solenoid valve, and robotic grip.
- Operation and application of PLC
- Application on motion controller.
- CNC technology and numerical control system manufacturing
- Field-bus configuration and network communication, wireless communication of AGV
- Robotics on application, control and programming
- Resource allocation and management: resource allocation of manufacturing equipment and material transportation equipment, as well as their real-time monitoring and control.
- Working procedure dispatch: appointing the PRI of working procedure and dispatching production planning pursuant to the sequence rules
- Management of procedure in production: monitoring and control of procedure in production, giving an alarm of failure in detail during the production process.
- Management of material flow: providing visible management of material flow for stuff and finished product.

Logistic System

- Flow procedure and analysis
- The determine of manufacturing time and efficiency
- Stop watch time analysis (time research) experiment
- Human-machine operation analysis
- The application example of task measurement in production line assembly
- Automatic storage system enquiry/physical take operation mode experiment
- Automatic storage system purchasing/delivery operating mode experiment
- Material identification, barcode identification, RFID and transmission experiment

Partial List of successful laboratory cases of

Educational Flexible Manufacturing and Logistic Systems

FMS Laboratory in Southwest University (西南大学实验室)

Mechatronical Engineering Laboratory in Hangzhou Dianzi University (杭州电子科技大学机械学院实验室)

FMS Laboratory in Changzhou Institute of Technology (常州工学院实验室)

Jilin University (吉林大学实验室)

Xi'an Siyuan University (西安思源学院实验室)

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