The newly series 4DOF Robotic Arm by Googol Technology not only maintains the characteristics of an educational platform, but also adds new features for industrial environment. It provides a completely open, innovative experiment platform for the mechatronics, manufacture automation and automation control and other related courses for the technical institutes. It can be applied in the Machine Manufacture and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Machine Design and Theory, CNC Technology, Robotics, Automation Control and other related Mechanical and Electrical Control fundamental experiment courses.

System Characteristics:

  • Rotary joints are driven by AC servo motor and harmonic gear;
  • Translation joints are driven by AC servo motor and ball screw;
  • Each component is designed and manufactured according to industrial standard.
  • Open hardware platform based on PC and DSP motion controller;
  • Intelligent motion control development platform based on object oriented design approach;
  • TCP/IP Protocol remote network programming, simulation and control functions;
  • Equipped with assembly language programming and graphic teaching software, easy to program and train.
  • Comprehensive user manual and control demos, guiding the users to learn the development of various application systems.
  • Robot moment control mode research;
  • Development of various application systems based on intelligent control platform;
  • Challenging the research and development of visual servo system;
  • Tackling research projects such as remote robot monitoring, and multiple-robot coordination.

Experiment and Research Contents:

  • The recognition of the mechanisms, electric, control and software of robots;
  • The operation practice of robots;
  • Robotics kinematics;
  • Robotics dynamics.


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