Pan & Tilt Control Platform


Pan & Tilt control platform with vision system is a mechanical platform that can simultaneously rotate vertically and horizontally. As a core part of the mechatronic control system, it can be used as the fundamental motion platform for military and civil instruments and infrastructures such as radars, cannons, missile launchers, and different types of monitoring devices. It can also be used as simulation and experiment platform for high-tech weapons such as rockets, missiles, torpedoes and satellites.

GPT Series Pan&Tilt system designed and manufactured by Googol Technology is low cost, high performance, modularized open mechatronic system developed to satisfy the teaching and research purpose for military and general colleges

System Characteristics:

  • Main body modularized design; PAN and TILT are independent module and can be assembled easily. It can be controlled independently or coordinately.
  • The product adopts AC servo motor and harmonic reducer, which not only guarantees the stable performance of the platform in low speed but also provides fast dynamic response.
  • Control system is composed of PC and DSP based motion controller. Ensure open control system and convenient extendibility.
  • The development environment of the soft ware is based on Windows platform, which can fully utilize various visualized development tool; simplify experiments greatly and facilitate the process of research and development.

Experiment and Research Contents:

  • Basic Experiments

    • The composition of rotation platform mechatronic system and basic operation of the experiment system.
    • Use, maintenance and adjustment of AC servo motor.
    • Selection and application of rotation platform controller.
    • Programming experiment of motion controllers.
    • Position control experiment of rotation platform controller
    • Quick response and trajectory tracking experiment of rotation platform

  • Research Experiments

    • Dynamic objective tracking experiment utilizing vision sensor (CCD).
    • Tracking object in motion experiment simulated by gyroscope and follower platform.
    • Research and design experiment on simulation of small aero craft.


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