Ball and Plate System


The ball and plate system is a multi-variables, non-linear control target, which is the 2D extension of ball and beam system. The control target is a plate with 2 mutually perpendicular rotating axes, with the aim of balancing a free rotating ball in a specific position on the plate, or having it rotating in a specific trajectory. The rotation of the plate along X-axis and Y-axis are driven by 2 motors, the vision sensor obtains the position of the ball on the plate and feedback to the control system, certain control strategies are applied to control the board for rotating angles along X-axis and Y-axis by the control system, and thus the balancing position and the motion trajectory of the ball on the plate is achieved.

System Characteristics:

  • Position of the ball is detected by visual device.
  • open architecture PC based motion controller platform.
  • DC serve motors are adopted in driving joints
  • 1000-line rotary encoder is used to detect the 2D rotating angles
  • High performance image acquisition card and camera lens
  • System is easy to control, operate and safe to use.

Control Software:

  • Composed of guiding algorithm, obstacle-avoiding algorithm, signal processing, wireless communication protocol and other parts.
  • Guiding algorithm: developed according to multi-frequency magnetic guiding mode of AGV to ensure the vehicle travels in the preset trajectory.
  • Signal processing: process the sensor signal of the guiding module, for guiding algorithm.
  • Obstacle avoiding algorithm: React according to the obstacle-avoiding sensor of the vehicle to ensure the safety stop of the vehicle when obstacle is encountered.
  • Wireless communication protocol: The integrated software interface of the vehicle system is wireless Ethernet communication protocol based on 802.11g/b.

Experiment and Research Contents:

  • Identification of Demarcation of linearity and non-linearity model of video recorders
  • Model-building of System dynamics modeling and analysis
  • Application and research of image processing calculation algorithms
  • 2D servo control based on visual motion technology
  • Research of PID controller and other classical control calculations methods
  • Research of self-defined control calculations algorithms


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