Planar Inverted pendulum


The planar inverted pendulum series adopt an open architecture control solution and a modularized experiment platform. With XY table and 2-DOF robot arm module as the base platform, adding a 2-DOF ball joint, an one-stage or a two-stage inverted pendulum is developed to provide a more challenging research and experiment platform. A planar inverted pendulum simulates more closely the control and visual effect of an inverted handstand of an acrobat or the launching position control of a missile or rocket.


  • Open Architecture PC-based DSP motion controller.
  • Industrial grade synchronization gear belt.
  • Precision stainless steel sliding guide bars.
  • vibration absorption base platform.
  • Reliable industrial grade incremental encoder and maintenance free AC servo motor
  • Build-in Safety feature i.e. Limit switches, anti-collision buffer etc.
  • Simulink control design models provide to faciltate continous control learning and research.
  • Experiment verification and demonstration program of DOS version, with source codes provided.
  • Desinged to provide control design challenges that tackle the two-grade Planer IP control algorithms.


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