GMD Series of four-axis motion control development platforms is specially designed for demonstrating various motion control techniques. In general, there are four types of model: AC servo model, DC servo model, step motor model and the model with 2 AC motors & 2 step motors. They are able to demonstrate the futures of most popular motion controllers and meet the requirements in technique development, testing and teaching various kinds of motion control systems.

System Characteristics:

  • Compact structure, the relative movement of each motor can be reflected visually from the relative axis.
  • Visual C developed software with source code.
  • Specific input signals of each motor are simulated through the button switch on the front panel in order to test the response of the control system to each input signal.
  • Specific output signals and 16 universal output signals are shown visually by the indicator lights on the front panel.
  • 16 universal digital input signals are simulated through flipping the switches, easy and quick to be operated
  • 8 independent analog input signals and 2 auxiliary encoder input signals
  • Motion control software provided by Googol Technology can perfectly meet the needs of motion control system development

Experiment and Research Contents:

  • Basic Experiments

    • Motion controller foundation experiment
    • Motor and drive (operation) experiment
    • DC motor experiment (velocity loop step response identification experiment, displacement loop PID adjustment experiment)
    • Single-axis motor motion control experiment
    • 2D interpolation principle and realization experiment
    • CNC code programming experiment
  • Research Experiments

    • Open-architectural motion control technology research
    • Multi-axis complex interpolation algorithm research
    • Multi-axis synchronous control technology research
    • Motion control application software development
    • CNC system soft PLC technology research


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