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IT-ROBOT is an Intelligent Robotic Arm System with Four Parts :

Micro-Box is an affordable and robust platform for rapid control prototyping applications. Developed by TeraSoft Inc, a leading professional engineering solutions provider based in Taipei, Taiwan, Micro-Box works seamlessly with the MathWorks family of products including MATLAB, Simulink, xPC TargetTM and Real-Time WorkshopR (RTW), enabling engineers to model physical systems and execute them in real-time under harsh environmental conditions.

Micro-Box is also a rugged, high-performance, industrial PC with no internal moving parts. The product supports all standard PC peripherals including video, mouse, and keyboard. Micro-Box provides IT-ROBOT the agile, real-time and fast customized functionality. Micro-Box is the standard equipment of IT-ROBOT, it is also available for extra procurement.

‧With four H-Bridge Driver IC, affords to control eight motors maximum.
‧Peak output current for each axis is 1.2A.


IT-Robot teaches the basic robotic sensing and locomotion principles, providing users to test motor skills, as users build and control the arm. Users can command this system with its controller, Micro-Box, to move an object in a defined space. For the educators and hobbyists, the IT-ROBOT model examples and modeling instruction manual, as well as Simulink interface(optional) are very useful tools.


‧ 6-axis totally, 4 of them are controlled by Micro-Box.  Wrist rotate and gripper are optional.
‧ 7 DC motors, 2 of them are connected to the same axis of bicep.
‧ Each motor has a potential meter to indicate the angular position of the motor.

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