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Robots have become important over a wide range of applications--from manufacturing, to surgery, to the handling of hazardous materials. Consequently, it's important to understand how they work, and what problems exist in designing effective robots. Motion control model set up guidance make the IT-ROBOT being a terrific simulation and experimental platform for robotic arm teaching and training.

Is a high reliability, high accuracy multi-mode robotic arm system that is used to simulate big, sophisticated and complicated mechanical arm motions. IT-ROBOT combines the outstanding motion control technology with advanced educational concept and fulfills both the industrial needs as well as the education and research needs in motion planning and industrial system design.

IT-ROBOT is a comprehensive intelligent robotic system which makes it being so unique. It not only includes a six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm but also equips with controller box, driver box and motion control models, as well as model building instruction which are based on the worldwide leading engineering control technology provider MathWorks™ and its product family, MATLAB® & Simulink®. The seamless integration of 6DOF robot and the advanced control algorithm, models and control modeling guidance enables the users easy to program, simulate and implement their control theory in a flash without hand coding by using C or VB results in saving lots of time and cost.

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