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IT-ROBOT is built on standard industrial mechanical arms with a high degree of reliability that enables to simulate large work and complicated mechanical robot arm locomotion. The six degree of freedom high speed movement are base rotation, single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, an optional gripper, and optional wrist rotate.

The robot is controlled by the newly developed controller named Micro-Box which integrates Simulink control design technology, logic control and motion control to achieve high speed, high accuracy control of the robot. Easy to communicate with a computer. Powerful communication capability allows IT-ROBOT to communicate relevant process data to a computer via ethernet or RS-232 through the Micro-Box. Detailed model set up manual for motion control and standard teaching/training instruction.

Based on Simulink software, the world leading user friendly environment for control design, real-time control and automation system development. Intuitive user interface, users can control robot arm, change the angle as well as the position via PC directly. Allow users to build their own control theory and models easily, no need to construct extra hardware environment. One single and simple platform to develop control algorithm, create models, simulate, adjust and create control theories.

Driven by servo motor (PM DC motor), with high precision. IT-ROBOT provides multi-axis motion capabilities via using the position feedback and close-loop control, such as curve-dynamic motions and linear motions etc. Equips with Micro-Box(controller) and detailed Simulink control models, allow users to customize and adjust the control program and models in real-time.

IT-ROBOT is a complete intelligent control system which integrates two parts ofmechanic robot arm and control systems.

In summary, IT-ROBOT is an affordable structure to deliver fast movement and high precision and repeatable position. Moreover, it is a fully customized intelligent robotic system allows users to development their own models and systems in real-time.

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