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IT-ROBOT uses 6-joint in serial design. The actuators of the robot arm are the seven DC motors equipped with a potentiometer, and depending on it, the angle of the rotation can be calculated

The IT-ROBOT can be directly controlled by the controller Micro-Box through a Driver Box, to be instructed to the position or coordinates you want. The Driver Box provides the power supply and signals. RS-232C or ethernet cable links Micro-Box and Driver Box to a computer. The control environment is based on MATLAB & Simulink software, using their automatic C code generation technology and working on the xPC Target which is also the MathWorks product for real-time environment for hardware-in the loop and rapid prototyping. With Simulink, the robot can be taught sequences of motion via the mouse or joystick. Micro-Box extremely powerful function uses external digital and analog inputs/outputs to affect the robot's motion for closed loop projects.

Detailed Simulink robot arm models, mathematic programs.
Micro-Box which the controller is the standard equipment.
Users can use MATLAB/Simulink and the self created control principles to instruct robot arm to make the expected behaviors easily.
Use RS232 or ethernet to communicate between the Micro-Box and a computer. The Micro-Box is connected to the Driver Box which is connected to the robot arm.

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