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TeraSoft EMECS is to provide multi-function control model experiments to carry out the procedure of Theories→ Program simulations →Controller design → Hardware implements. Students can easily learn the control design theories from the whole procedure and verify it by implementing the laboratory experiences.

ELECTRO-MECHANICAL Engineering Control System (EMECS)

EMECS is a set of electro-mechanical devices for control engineering research and education. EMECS consists of modular mechanical and electrical hardware such that a variety of control experiments can be easily constructed and are suitable for all level of instruction. It is also sophisticated enough to provide a platform for investigating a variety of control related problems such as system modeling, system identification, linear control, nonlinear control, optimal control, haptic control, intelligent control, and switching control to name just a few. In addition to hardware, Simulink blocks for the experiments are provided to help users in control design and simulation. Furthermore, in Simulink environment, using The Mathworks Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP and Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, the user can automate the implementation of real-time control on a DSP-target board.

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