The MotoTune™ calibration development tool provides all of the functionality needed for typical day-to-day calibration tasks. An intuitive, spreadsheet-like user interface provides easy access to all of the calibration related RAM and ROM parameters contained in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Key Features

  • All calibrations and measurement parameters are displayed in engineering units.
  • Simultaneous connections to multiple ECU's
  • Multiple applications connected to any single ECU
  • Comprehensive online help system
  • User configurable shortcut keys
  • Powerful graphing and data visualization tools

The Latest in Calibration Development Tools

The MotoTune™ portion of the suite will:

-> Load the application into flash via the CAN datalink
-> Observe and adjust values within the control application using various Windows friendly depictions such as tables, graphs and tree views,
-> Record and log data from the module for further analysis
-> Provide and ActiveX™ API for adding of custom programs that need interface to live data from the PCM.

Key Functionality of MotoTune™ inclues:

-> Calibration (ROM) Editing

  • Multi-document, spreadsheet-like calibration map interface
  • 1-D and 2-D linear interpolation autofill capability
  • Map operating point auto-follow mode (indicates current operating point in calibration map)
  • Multi-type calibration map graphical display capability
  • On-line and off-line editing with automatic synchronization
  • Cut and paste to other PC applications
  • Intelligent calibration map print utility
  • High/low resolution parameter incrementing via PC keyboard
  • Calibration scroll-back buffer
  • Calibration creation via upload from ECU
  • Intuitive parameter directory tree structure with "find" function

-> ECU Flash Programming

  • Built in ECU programming capability
  • Programming directly from merge utility

-> Calibration / Software File Management

  • Calibration file version management with unlimited, internally stored user comments
  • Partial-calibration management (work with subsets of calibration parameters)
  • Automated calibration file transfer/upgrade to new software formats and map breakpoint array scalings (includes automated rescaling and interpolation)
  • Calibration file compare utility
  • Calibration/software merge utility

-> Parameter (RAM) Display. Override and Logging

  • Multi-document, user-configurable display parameter interface (spreadsheet-like display configuration - fonts, colors, borders, etc.)
  • Many graphing styles and data visualization tools
  • Configurable parameter lock and offset capability
  • Configurable parameter warning limits
  • Integral spreadsheet-like math formula capability
  • Built-in parameter strip charting and logging capability
  • Full interactive diagnostic tool interface

MotoTune QuickStart Screencasts

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