The Latest in ECU Rapid Prototying Technologies

MotoHawk is a tool suite that allows a control designer to implement a system using Simulink™ that will execute on a rugged emedded control system. In additional, the system is complete with a calibration and observation tool that allows the user to observe and adjust the system during operation as well as an optional HUD for cockpit interaction with the system.

MotoHawk supports a "model based" workflow where an application is largely developed and tested in a simulated environment. Simulink™ from MathWorks® provides the development and simulation environment to build a wide range of applications.

Models of the device being controlled are used to test complex features in the system without spending expensive time in test cells or on the actual vehicle. With a simulation tested control algorithm, the application can be re-targeted to the embedded control system for execution in the real time environment against the actual system.

MotoHawk adds the ability to target and interact with the application in a real time control system. Along with allowing the control designer to interface to the IO of the module, the MotoHawk suite includes tools that allow you to monitor and adjust the system at run time. The enture suite allows a complete control application development lifecycle be performed in a relatively shorter timescale than traditional processes.

The Simulink™ portion of the suite contains a custom blockset and scrips for Simulink™ that provide:

-> Pushbutton software builds that are ready to run on the embedded module,
-> Blocks for precision triggering of control system components including periodic triggers and interrupt driven triggers,
-> Blocks for traditional IO such as Analog to Digital Converters and PWMs as well as more exotic devices like synchronous output (e.g Fuel injectors),
-> Datalink interfaces for CAN, and
-> MotoTune interface blocks for real time observation, calibration, and logging.

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