MotoHawk is an ECU-based rapid prototying tool that shortens the design cycle and reduces costs. MotoHawk provides the ability to develop, test and validate control applications using Simulink / Stateflow models on real production ECU hardware. Models prototyped with MotoHawk can move seamlessly from development into production.

Product Benefits:

.Simpler, faster development
.Better testing using real ECU hardware
.Quickly develop and enhance software features in Simulink
.Analyze and control realtime OS from Simulink/Stateflow
.Direct access to the production ECU’s I/O from Simulink
.Readable documentation of system design automatically created from models.
.Lower cost for fleet testing: outfit an entire test fleet with Rapid Prototyping capability
.Custom blockset allows for integration of both hand-written and auto-code.

Product Features:

.Auto-code generation of Simulink/Stateflow models using Embedded Coder/Stateflow Coder
.Rugged ECUs for prototyping and production
ControlCore™ enabled Software
.Off-the-shelf engine Control Libraries
.Calibration and Tuning using MotoTune PC tools
.Responsive engineering and support. Services for a wide-range of applications.
.MotoView heads-up display for in-vehicle applications. Can also function as watchdog, smart I/O, auxillary computing.
ECU’s available for development, fleet, and production.

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