Woodward provides rugged electronic control modules that are especially designed and built for use in harsh automotive, heavy duty and industrial environments. With a wide range of processing power and input/output capabilities, the product line encompasses modules designed for almost every application – from the very simple to the very complex – and also provides straightforward migration paths to meet changing application requirements.

Woodward control modules are available in configurations optimized for various applications, including engine and powertrain control (ECM); general-purpose control (GCM), and hydraulic control (HCM). Designs and capabilities are updated regularly, so consult with your Woodward representative to select the control that is best suited for your application requirements.

24-Pin Form Factor
For simple applications, our 24-pin modules are available in an engine and powertrain control (ECM) configuration, using a Freescale HCS12 processor running at 24 Mhz, and in general-purpose (GCM) configuration based on Freescale HCS12 (24 MHz) or MPC565 (56 MHz) processors. Typical applications include single cylinder and single point injected 4 cylinder engines, CAN gateways, and diesel after-treatment control systems.

48-Pin Form Factor
Delivering more I/O and processing power, our 48-pin modules are available in engine / powertrain (ECM), general purpose (GCM), and hydraulic (HCM) control configurations. Depending on configuration, the 48-pin modules are based on Freescale MPC555 (40 MHz) or MPC563 (56 MHz) processors. Typical applications include engine-emissions control, transmissions, and hydraulics for small industrial 4 cylinder sequential and 8 cylinder batch-fire engines.

70-Pin Form Factor
Our new 70-pin modules are designed for engine and powertrain (ECM) control. Based on a Freescale HCS12XE processor running at 50 MHz, these modules incorporate a solid complement of memory storage; multiple frequency, crank position and EGO oxygen sensor inputs; as well as CAN2.0B and RS-485 communications. These modules are targeted for low cost, fixed-point, 4 cylinder engine applications. Call us to check for availability

80-Pin Form Factor
Our 80-pin modules are designed for engine and powertrain (ECM) control. Based on a Freescale MPC555 processor running at 40 Mhz, the 80-pin module includes multiple DSP knock inputs, optional EGO oxygen sensor inputs, as well as a high-current H-Bridge driver. Typical applications include knock control and peak/ hold fuel injection for 12 cylinder sequential engines.

112-Pin Form Factor
For demanding engine and powertrain (ECM) control applications, our 112-pin modules are based on Freescale MPC5553 or 5554 processors running at 80 MHz. The 112-pin modules offer a full complement of memory storage, as well as multiple frequency, crank position, and DSP knock detection inputs. The module also includes four differential EGO oxygen sensor inputs. Typical applications include full OBD2 8 cylinder sequential engines.

128-Pin Form Factor
Designed for large scale engine and powertrain (ECM) control, our 128 pin module delivers optimal flexibility for complex control strategies. Built on the proven MPC565 processor, the onboard floating point unit and high clock frequency allow software to be developed in shorter times. Dual CAN 2.0B datalinks ensure interoperability with other vehicle systems. Typical applications include general rapid prototyping, peak/hold fuel injection, and 12 cylinder sequential engines.

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