GN800-H-UN Universal Networked Controller


Googol Universal Networked Controller (GN800-H-UN) is a new generation motion control series. It is an 8-axis high performance motion controller with multi-network interfaces, such as Ethernet, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, and other serial communication. The networked controller consists of two modules; a 32-bit floating point DSP based motion controller (GH800) and an all-in-one multi-networking communication module (Com Module). These two devices communicate over PC104. With a dedicated power supply and an extension board, the controller is installed into a single closure, which then can be in the same chassis of electric drives.

The Com Module contains all of the necessary functions to support the most requested embedded communication technologies. This device utilizes Intel 80186 core for compatibility with existing software, while providing enhanced RISC technology with 12+ MIPS of processor performance as a platform that is capable of handing the most demanding embedded communication tasks. Designed as a synchronous device providing multiple networks, the Com Module has on board support for multiple CAN channels, Profibus, Ethernet, RS232, RS422 & RS485 in addition to a rich set of other features such as high-speed S-RAM, dual port memory for co-processor applications and an SPI interface for communications to serial flash or other SPI networking applications.

Technical Specification

  • GH's outstanding performance in motion control
  • Numerous popular industrial protocols inside single board:
  • RS-232
  • RS-422/485
  • Ethernet including Modbus TCP/IP
  • Profibus DP
  • DeviceNet (optional)
  • Can be used as a host-based ISA-bus controller if networking is not required
  • Truly real-time performance independent of network communication delays
  • On-board processing of user application programs written in intuitive Basic-like language
  • Reach software support for programming based on Motion Designer IDE


As a result, the networked controller is a total standalone control solution with a rich set of different network connections, so that it can significantly reduce complex of wiring and cost. This state-of-the-art design has many significant advantages shown as follows:

  • Significantly improve reliability of the complete control system by eliminating complicity of wiring in the system. It is the most cost effective solution for industrial automation in terms of reducing cost of wiring and maintenance services.
  • Flexible to communicate with other equipment and central control unit on different networks, such as Ethernet, Profibus, RS485/422, RS232, DeviceNet (optional). One design can fit most industrial automation applications.
  • High performance control capabilities by 32-bit floating point DSP collaborating with enhanced RISC processor (80186 core), so that the true real-time control can be maintained during networking the up-level commands/operations.
  • It allows administrators and maintenance engineers to monitor the control system through Internet. It makes possible that the connection of business information systems with plant floor production systems become true.
  • Low cost configuration to increase the potential to take more market shares. The price of the complete system may be about 1/3~ ½ lower than if other solutions are used.
The new-networked motion controller is a next generation product of Googol Technology. It can be an ideal solution for those applications where several kinds of networks are utilized simultaneously.

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