GH-800 Series Motion Controller
GH series motion controllers are designed for high-speed and high-accuracy motion control. GH-800 motion controller can control 8 servomotors, applicable to the fields with higher requirements for speed and accuracy, such as medical treatment equipment, semiconductor manufacturing and high-accuracy test equipment.



  • Adopt high-performance 32-bit floating point DSP (120 MELOPS), FPGA and FLASH technology.
  • Control 8 servo axes simultaneously
  • Programmable servo period with an updating rate of 5 ?C 10kHz.
  • Motion ways: point-to-point motion, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, velocity control, electronic gear and intellectual home point searching.
  • Motion modes include the programmable asymmetrical T-curve and S-curve modes.
  • For all the motion modes, the motion parameters can be modified on the fly.
  • The auxiliary encoder on board can realize dual close loop feedback control.
  • All the position registers and parameter registers are all of 32 bits.
  • Control strategy: PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) + VFF (Velocity Feed Forward) + AFF (Acceleration Feed Forward) with low pass filter, band with pass filter and bias compensation.
  • Cascade PID filter with the derivative gain filter and integral limit, as well as the dual position close loop feedback function (optional).
  • Process the external events in synchronization. Provide uncommitted high-speed digital I/Os, which can be used in capturing position, comparing position, and generating pulse signal.
  • The motion monitoring system can get the target velocity, motion completion, and reference velocity and reference position information.
  • Automatic home point searching function
  • Automatic stopping function.
  • Soft limit.
Software Characteristics:
  • User defined coordinate system for ease of programming.
  • On-board 512KB SRAM and 1MB FLASH are used to store user program and data.
  • Programmable interrupt events: External input interrupt, event interrupt and timer interrupt.
  • Windows98/2000/NT device drivers. C and C++ function library in DOS.
  • Googol Motion Designer program provides a platform to edit, compile, debug and run graphically the program based on the control functions of Googol motion controller (optional).
Control Channels:
  • Each axis provides 2 encoder feedback channels. The sampling rate can up to 10MHz.
  • The axis-updating rate is 10MHz (8 axes).
  • There are 12 incremental encoding channels on each board.
  • Signals A, B and C of the encoder can be differential or single-end signal. The encoder signal is quadrature signal.
  • Communicate with the host PC through standard ISA/PCI04 bus.
  • The bi-directional high-velocity FIFO communication channel is used to transfer data.
  • RS232 + RS422/485 + Ethernet + Profibus-DP network protocols are used in the independent working mode (optional).
Uncommitted Analog Inputs/Outputs:
  • 12 channels of analog input. The conversion accuracy is 12 bits, and the sampling rate is 500 kHz.
  • 8 channels of analog output. The resolution is 12 bits. They are used for outputting motor commands and can be reset by user as uncommitted output.
Dedicated Digital Inputs/Outputs:
  • Each axis has 4 dedicated input signals of opto-isolated (positive and negative limit, home point and driver alarm).
  • Each axis has 2 dedicated output signals of opto-isolation (servo on and alarm reset).
  • Abrupt stopping input.
  • Resetting input.
Uncommitted Digital Inputs/Outputs:
  • 32 user-defined high-performance I/O can respond quickly to the external events, such as capturing position, comparing position and absolute encoder interface.
System Software:
  • Windows installation and test programs.
  • DLL of Windows.
  • Googol Motion Designer IDE (Optional).
Power Consumption:
  • +5V, Icc=2A, internal power provided by PC.
  • ±12V, Icc=60mA, internal power provided by PC.
  • +24V or +12V, Icc=2A, external power provided by PC.
Requirement for Environment:
  • operating temperature: 0 - 60⊥
  • Relative humidity: 5% - 90%, non-condensing.
  • 122mm x 332.5mm.
  • GH-800-ACC1 terminal board.
  • GH-800-ACC2 cables.

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