Embedded motion Control Board
Googol's inverted pendulum system is a nonlinear unstable system, an ideal experiment platform for teaching control theories and conducting various control experiments. Many abstract control concepts, such as the stability and the controllability of a control system, can all be shown visually through the inverted pendulum system. In addition to educational purposes, an inverted pendulum is also an excellent tool for researchers of modern control theories. Through continuous research,  new control methods haven been developed and then applied to high-tech industries such as aeronautical engineering and robotics.
Embedded Processor Unit
Googol's embedded motion control boards is a system which connects the Embedded Processor Unit (PC104 Main Board) with any of the Googol's open-architectural GE/GT/GH motion control board series to form a system for Embedded Motion Control System. It is highly reliable, easy to upgrade and due to the fact that the motion control board and the PC are connected by pin insertion which are tightly joined and mutually independent. Such a perfect combination of industrial PC and motion control board into one unit gets rid of system instability from using slot connection, while all functions of the motion control board are maintained at the same time. In comparison with the PC plug-in motion control board, the embedded system shows the advantages of high reliability under humid, dusty, vibrated and magnetic industrial environments, and lower customer cost because no extra PC is needed. It can be used as an ideal CNC development platform for many kinds of industrial applications such as PCB drilling, engraving, laser cutting etc.


  • Use of high performance DSP, FPGA technology and embedded PC104 main board PC
  • Compatible with any Googol general purposed or specialized motion control board,;
  • Contain full functions of Googol motion control board;
  • Each can control up to 4 servo or stepping motors;
  • Support DOS, Win CE, Linux operation system;
  • Provide multiple interfaces including USB, COM, Ethernet, DNC, expanded I/O, control panel, touch screen, keyboard, and mouse for easy development troubleshooting and expansion ;
  • Have the advantages of high reliability under humid, dusty, vibrated and magnetic industrial environment over conventional PC plugged-in motion control board;
  • Lower customer cost since no PC is needed;
  • Lower consumption (no fan is needed);
  • Easy to maintain since there is no mechanical parts

Technical Specification

Modes of motion:

  • point-to-point,
  • linear interpolation,
  • circular interpolation,
  • velocity control,
  • manual pulse generator input and electronic gearing
Control Input/Output
  • 4 channels of 16-bit analog voltage output signal or pulse output signal with a frequency up to 1MHz.
  • 4 channels of quadrature incremental encoder input (A+, A-, B+, B-, C+, C-)
System Software
  • Windows CE/DOS/Linux attachment drivers
  • Motion controller display procedure
Digital Input/Output
  • 8 ~16 channels of uncommitted opto-isolated digital input
  • 8 ~16 channels of uncommitted opto-isolated digital output
Dedicated Digital Input/Output
  • Dedicated opto-isolated input per axis, 8 channels for limit switch signal, 4 channels for home signal, and 4 channels for drive alarm signal input.
  • Dedicated opto-isolated output per axis, 4 channel for drive enable signal, and 4 channel for drive alarm signal reset
Bus Type
  • Standard PC/104 bus
Mechanical Dimension
  • L x W x H: 300mm x176mm x 67.5mm
Power Requirement
  • +24V, ICC=2A; external power provided by users is required
Condition Requirement
  • Working temperature: 0 ~ +60°C
  • Relative humidityㄩ5% ~ 90% condensation free

Illustrative diagram of the embedded motion controller

System Configuration

GE series or GT series motion controller (2, 4 axes, made-to-order)
CPU Main board
Standard accessories including terminal board, connection cables
System software and control software
Options including drives and motor connection cables, touch screens, etc

Ordering Information

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