GT-400-SCAN Laser Scanner motion Controller
This motion controllers is developed based on DSP processor and FPGA technology. GT-400-SCAN laser scanner motion controller can control scanner, motors and laser synchronously and effectively. Its is using PCI bus hardware interface and it can provide up to 4-axis pulse output and each motion axis is mutually independent. With larger memory, higher control performance, and more precise control command set, the controller is widely used in the industrial fields such as sophisticated processing, semiconductor incision, high speed forming and laser drilling, etc.

Technical Specification

Motion Control:

  • 4 Pulse/direction or CW/CCW independent output for Step motor or servo motor control
  • Able to realize cylinder and large breadth flat mark
  • 1 MHz maximum step output rate for each axis
  • Programmable LIMIT and ALARM protection
  • Hardware capture signal : INDEX signal of each axis, HOME switch and Probe
  • T curve velocity profile
Scanner Control:
  • Voltage output for scanner control, which consists of 2 axes of linear interpolation and 2 axes of circular interpolation, and three-dimensional dynamic focus function (optional).
  • 10us scanner control cycle
  • Motion buffer can contain up to 10000 motion commands, providing a high real time control capacity
  • Pause, stop and restore for the buffer motion
  • 2 Modes of the mark on fly: mark on the fly without encoder feedback and mark on fly with or without encoder feedback.
  • 3 Modes for the raster images scanning which can scan black-and-white image and grayscale image
  • Field correction algorithm in board
  • Have jump-laser-on function
Laser Control
  • Able to control CO2 and YAG laser sources to give flexible FPK and STANDBY signals
  • Supply one channel of high speed IO to control laser On/Off
  • Supply laser On/Off delay, unit: 1us or 1/8us. Negative delay time allowed
  • 3 laser power control methods: PWM, analog and programmable frequency output.
  • Able to control laser power on/off directly
Input and Output:
  • 16 dedicated opto-isolated inputs; home switch, positive and negative limit switch, amplifier fault signal for each axis
  • 8 dedicated opto-isolated outputs: amplifier enable and amplifier reset signal for each axis
  • 8 channels pulse output: pulse and dir or CW and CCW for each axis.
  • 3 channels voltage outputs: 2 for scanner control, and 1 for laser power control. 16-bit D/A resolution and voltage scale: -10v~10v.
  • 1 channel laser on/off signal output and 1 channel PWM output
  • 4 channels encoder interface for position feedback, the max frequency of the input pulse is 8MHz.
  • 16 general purpose opto-isolated inputs and 16 general-purpose opto-isolated outputs.
  • PCI bus
  • PC104 bus
System Software:
  • Device driver under WINDOWS98/2000/XP/NT and DLL
  • A demonstration program

Ordering Information


Model No.



Standard package


GT-400-SCAN-PCI scan control card



Terminal board



3 m long 68-pin SCSI-type cable



A CD containing manual and function testing, driving routines.




0.5 m long 68-pin SCSI-type cable


1.5 m long 68-pin SCSI-type cable



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