Engraving Control System
Googol's inverted pendulum system is a nonlinear unstable system, an ideal experiment platform for teaching control theories and conducting various control experiments. Many abstract control concepts, such as the stability and the controllability of a control system, can all be shown visually through the inverted pendulum system. In addition to educational purposes, an inverted pendulum is also an excellent tool for researchers of modern control theories. Through continuous research,  new control methods haven been developed and then applied to high-tech industries such as aeronautical engineering and robotics.
The engraving control system is developed based on Googol's GE-300-SV/SG series PC-based open-architectural motion controllers, especially for 3-axis engraving (engraving and milling) machine control. The high responding and processing speed of the system enables the system to control motor accurately and realize 3D linear and circular interpolation. The system fulfills the fine engraving of complicated graphics by simple operations.

Technical Features:

  • In a high-speed DSP core as a control for all-digital servo control, achieving linear, precise circular interpolation
  • Analogue of a servo control, processing of high surface finish, smooth operation
  • Provide a strong G, M instruction compiler system can support MasterCam, Cimatron, UG, PowerMILL such as a common CAD / CAM software, interface flexibility
  • Practical Windows user interface simple, complex graphics precision carving
  • High-speed 2D and 3D preview
  • Display the machining track in real time.
  • Provide G code editor. Input or modify a machining file manually.
  • Provide coordinate processing such as the rotation and mirror of coordinate.
  • Shortcuts wealth of features that make operation a success
  • 500 Prospect of pretreatment (Look ahead), the processing speed of 50 percent, corner smoothing machine small impact
  • Embedded processing a variety of strategies so that the users can be processed at the different processing technology for flexible options to improve processing
  • Processing speed and efficiency
  • Processing time can be adjusted manually and automatically processing rate
  • Rich alarm function, fully embody the human system design
  • Arbitrary start of the function, reduce duplication of large processing time and improve processing efficiency
  • Arbitrary location of the suspension, arbitrary position to continue to facilitate the operation of the user, reducing the possibility of non-operation
  • Provide grammar self-check, error prompt, pause and soft limit and hardware limit functions.
Control interface System diagram

Technical Specifications:

Operation system

Windows 2000 SP2



Sampling rate

200us (invariable)

Analog output Scale

-10V~ +10V

Pulse output

3 axes

Encoder channel

3 channels of quadrature incremental encoder. Max. Counting frequency: 4MHz (GE-300-SX).

Limit switch

Positive and negative limit switch of each axis

Home switch

1 channel of home switch of each axis

Driver alarm signal

1 channel of driver alarm signal of each axis

Driver enable signal

1 channel of driver enable signal of each axis

Driver reset signal

1 channel of driver reset signal of each axis


16 channels


16 channels








Selection Guide





Machine tool control axis








Minimum input increment




Fine acc/dec control




Software over-travel, HW limit switch protection




Backlash compensation




Step motor and driver that can be connected

Step servo driver with position control mode



Servo motor and driver that can be connected

AC/DC servo driver with velocity control mode.




Ordering Information

Model No.



Engrve-ESG Control System


  •         GE-300-SG-PCI-G Motion control card
  •         Connector with a 60-pin flat cable
  •         1.5m 62-pin cable
  •         Terminal board
  •         Engraving machine Control software and Manuals


Engrve-ESV Control System

  •         GE-300-SV-PCI-G Motion control card
  •         Connector with a 60-pin flat cable
  •         1.5m 62-pin cable
  •         Terminal board
  •         Engraving machine Control software and Manuals



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