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Real-Time Testing System for Wind Power Generation Machine

Power & Energy , Taipei, Taiwan

Project Introduction:

The INER (Institute of Nuclear Energy Research) in Taiwan uses a Micro-Box Real-Time System to create a "Wind Power Generation Simulation Platform", which simulates the wind and blade models theybuild in Simulink®. Through this unique solution, INER can modulate the speed of the dynos based on actual wind direction and strength. Micro-Box is an affordable and robust multi-function platform for rapidly controlling prototype and hardware-in-the-loop test applications. The Micro-Box System is installed with Advantech’s UNO-2170, PCM-3712, and PCM-3718.

System Requirements:

INER wanted to develop a simulation & test station for their wind power generation machines. To do so, they needed a rugged and robust real-time system to run hardware-in-the-loop testing. Therefore, INER made a request for a new system include following requirements: 

  • Real-time analysis and control systems testing needs.
  • Rugged, high-performance industrial PC which is fanless, low-power consumption design, sturdiness, compact size and also can support all standard PC peripherals.
  • Standalone ability, xPC self-installed software tools are able to run on stand-alone mode. And users can burn the pre-set model to CF card without connecting through internet.

Project Implementation:

MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink, Real-Time Workshop (C-code generation), and xPC Target toolbox

Terasoft Micro-Box includes:

System Diagram:


Function Block:

System Description:

The customer used Simulink to build their physical wind and blade models, and a Micro-Box (embedded with Advantech’s UNO & PCM devices) to create a “Wind PowerGeneration Simulation Platform” for the HIL simulation. The goal of the simulation is to gauge the efficiency and performance of their power generation machines, including stress-testing. From the results of HIL simulations, they can then modulate the speed of dynos according to the actual wind direction and strength, driving the shaft of wind power generator.


INER’s engineers need to run real-time analysis and control system testing to test the wind power generation machines, and the Micro-Box offers an excellent combination of performance, compact size, sturdiness, and I/O expandability. By integrating Advantech’s UNO-2170 to customize various requirements and integrating MATLAB/Simulink and related control modules, the engineers can conduct real-time modeling and simulationof control systems, rapid prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop testing without the need of manual code generation and complicated debug processes. This results in significant cost savings and reduced development time.

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