Quotes from SigmaPlot Users

"I have used SigmaPlot professionally as a chemist in the Oil/Gas industry as well as the Paper Chemical industry for almost 20 years. SigmaPlot has not always outperformed other graphing software, but the user interface makes designing and displaying the data quick and easy. SigmaPlot has always been generations more advanced than any other commercial software. The power, ease of use and the excellent customer support make SigmaPlot my first and only choice for both minimal and advanced graphing needs."
Jennice Ozment
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, Georgia USA

"I use SigmaPlot for clinical & pharmacological research on immunosuppressant, liver transplantation and inflammatory disorders of the GI tract. The data can become complicated, but SigmaStat and SigmaPlot goes easily manages the data for researchers without a statistical background. I also use SigmaPlot in order to easily assimilate data and make graphs for publication. In fact, I had my first SigmaPlot graph published in 1996 and is still find SigmaPlot to be the most user friendly and advanced. SigmaPlot really is quite exceptional, especially for someone who doesn't have a huge statistical background."
Carmen Cuffari, MD,
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Division of Gastroenterology/Nutrition

"I have been using SigmaPlot for 15 years and cannot envision being able to do my process optimization without it.I frequently analyze process data from customers with non-linear trends. SigmaPlot allows me to graph and trend the data in such a way that I can easily convey observations and recommendations to customers."
Dr. Tore H. Lindstrom
Director Applications Engineering

"I chose Sigma Plot because of it's flexibility to manipulate all aspects of graphing. I change a graph for a presentation in PowerPoint to one that will be ready for publication in just a few minutes. When Sigma Plot incorporated survival graphing (Kaplan-Meier) - well, that just put the icing on the cake. Sigma Plot also has the best technical support. They have always solved my problems fairly quickly."
Gale Newman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Medicine

"We live or die by our publication record and SigmaPlot is by far the best program I've found to prepare extremely high-quality, customized, figures and graphs. SigmaPlot helps me present my data in a compelling manner."
J. Lindsay Whitton, M.D., Ph.D.,
Professor, Depts. of Neuropharmacology & Immunology,
Scripps Research Institute.

"With SigmaPlot, I can produce quality graphs for publication with an easier ability to customize many details of my graph than with other software I have access too."
Ruth Butler, Biometrician, Crop & Food Research, Lincoln, New Zealand.

"I need a graphic tool with extended functionality beyond Excel to produce my figures and graphs, preferably containing statistical calculation. For me SigmaPlot is logical in its use, therefore I use it."
Andreas Sandner-Kiesling, MD. Assoc. Prof. in Anesthesiology,
Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy
Dept. of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
Medical University of Graz, Austria.

"I use SigmaPlot to display my results for presentations and publications and SigmaStat as my statistical package. The convenience of running statistical analysis on my data while working on the display and presentation of my data save me tons of time and energy"
Anna Mickey Moritz, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

"My research involves a great deal of applied immunology and evaluation of population-level datasets obtained from hormone, biochemical, biomedical and anthropological data. We use SigmaPlot at each stage of analysis to help identifying outliers, response ranges, normal curve-fits, trends or groupings and deviations from theory. In the final stage, SigmaPlot helps provide the very high clarity and quality presentation materials we need for teaching, display or publication."
Kenneth L. Campbell, PhD., Professor of Biology
University of Massachusetts at Boston.

"At a recent presentation, I used Microsoft PowerPoint slides with embedded SigmaPlot graphs as TIF files. Many people came up to me after the presentation and complimented the clarity of the graphs used in my slides."
Susan Melnick, Research Scientist

"I am a long-term SigmaPlot user (since) the original DOS version and it has improved with each new release."
Willes H. (Bill) Weber, Physics Dept., University of Michigan

"My primary needs are curve fitting, data presentation and general graphics " SigmaPlot does an excellent job in all three areas. The outstanding technical support we have received over the years is a big plus."
Michael S. Bradley, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Valparaiso University

"I've used SigmaPlot nearly everyday for 10 years and would be lost without it. I've tested other programs, but have never been able to make the same quality of technical graphs and figures I can make with SigmaPlot."
Fred N. Scatena, Research Hydrologist, USDA Forest Service

"SigmaPlot is as much a part of my working life as my computer itself. Its refinements and improvements keep my skills in data publication, grant writing and teaching at the forefront of my specialty."
Craig B. Langman, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Northwestern University,
Head, Division of Kidney Disease, Children's Memorial Hospital

"Nothing could make me switch to another graphing program. There's simply no serious alternative."
Dr. Guntram Bauer, Harvard University

"Hands down it is the most comprehensive and flexible software for generating scientific graphs. SigmaPlot provides an easy method for curve-fitting and plotting regression lines and graphs can easily be imported/copied into reports and presentations."
Joel Culpepper, Biostatistician, Office of Research, University of Maryland

"SigmaPlot provides clear, publication-quality graphs without distracting glitches or gimmicks. Its stability and compatibility with different forms of input data keep me loyal."
Edward F. Leonard, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University

"My research requires flexibility in data presentation. I've tried other products, but SigmaPlot gives me the widest range of graphical formats and the most intuitive data entry."
Richard B. Weinberg, M.D., Professor of Medicine

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