SYSTAT has every statistical procedure you need
Import of numerous file formats like Microsoft Excel™, SAS®, SPSS®, Minitab, StatView, Stata, Statistica, JMP, BMDP™, Arc View®, S-Plus , dBASE®, ODBC, text file and more
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SYSTAT can produce for you attractive graphs quickly and conveniently
SYSTAT is a powerful statistical software that has every statistical procedure you need to carry out efficient statistical analysis of your data.
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SYSTAT began in 1982 as the brainchild of Dr. Leland Wilkinson while a professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago. The SYSTAT product began as one of the first statistical analysis applications to run on a microprocessor, therefore lending itself to scientific field research and pioneered programmable graphs for statistical visualization.


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Launched on the commercial market from its first headquarters in Evanston, IL, SYSTAT enjoyed tremendous success among researchers, particularly from the academic community. It was acquired years later by SPSS, and became a prominent member of their scientific software product line for the better part of a decade.

SYSTAT is now a key product of Cranes Software International, a multinational software company based in Bangalore, India and represented in 38 countries around the world. Cranes provides statistical analytics and engineering simulation software products and solutions across the globe.

Today, the SYSTAT product is managed from its office in Chicago, IL, under the guidance of the recently-returned Dr. Wilkinson. Its core development team of forty statisticians is headed by renowned statistician Prof. T. Krishnan. This team comprises key researchers and statistical analysts who continuously work towards enhancing products for their customers. They have developed SYSTAT into a cutting-edge research tool, and are continually adding new products like the revival of the free MYSTAT student distribution.

The SYSTAT team of developers, representatives and support staff are dedicated to the SYSTAT community, and SYSTAT’s mission to make elegant analysis and visualization accessible to all its users.

SYSTAT 13.1 continues this tradition of state-of-the-art intelligent statistical graphing with significant graph enhancements, including greater interactivity, editability and customizability.

This version also makes major strides in ease of use with an exciting and attractive interface that is customizable, and containing many innovative features. And continuing its reputation of well-thought-out analytics, SYSTAT 13.1 contains major new statistical features which include Mixed Model Analysis, more Robust Regression procedures, Partial Least Squares Regression, Response Surface Optimization, many new probability distributions, and many more features.

These put SYSTAT at the leading edge of professional statistical analyses. It is not only a package for the statistically-savvy scientist, but is also accessible to a novice data analyst Its output is stunning and is in a form ready to submit for publication. Also, keeping to its long-standing reputation for some of the finest documentation and training material available in any statistical package, SYSTAT 13.1 adds about 900 new pages of additional material, much of it useful in educational environments.

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