SigmaPlot Electrophysiology Module

Directly Read Your Electrophysiology Data into SigmaPlot

The Electrophysiology Module is an add-on to SigmaPlot that allows you to directly import your acquired data into SigmaPlot without the need for an additional data acquisition program. The module saves you the time and effort of manually entering data into SigmaPlot so you can start your analysis and graphing right away. Use the easy point-and-click interface to import your data from commonly used file formats including Axon Instruments ABF files, Bruxton Corporation's Acquire format and HEKA electronik's Pulse format. The file formats appear as a convenient drop down list in SigmaPlot. >> More

SigmaPlot Electrophysiology Module

The Automatic Choice for Analyzing Enzyme Kinetics Data

The Enzyme Kinetics Module is a SigmaPlot add-on that guides you through data entry, analysis and graphing of your enzyme kinetics data. Select the study type in the customized Data Entry Wizard, choose from 56 built-in equations, then discover the best fit to characterize the reaction mechanism. Automatically display a series of graphs to quickly determine the type of inhibition. The module continues SigmaPlot's tradition of award-winning interface, ease-of-use and intelligent wizards to guide you through your analysis and is now included with SigmaPlot Version 12. >> More

SigmaPlot Electrophysiology Module

Automatically fit your radioligand and dose response studies for multiple compounds with replicate data. Choose from over 10 built-in equations, create a new equation or modify and existing equation to gain insight on the number of binding sites, and their affinity and accessibility for various drugs. Automatically generate a plot of mean response versus concentration and include the best-fit lines for each compound. >> More
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