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MATLAB is rapidly becoming accepted as the leading technical computing environment for numerical analysis,and design and modeling. It is a versatile program which allows you to use a computer to solve a vast number of problems in science and mathematics both numerically and through visualization. MATLAB is also a programming language integrated into a command environment.

As a programming statement is entered into the command environment, it is interpreted and executed. The purpose of “Fundamentals of MATLAB Programming” course is to introduce the programming interface of MATLAB and familiarize them with the basis structure of this software. Participants will discover that MATLAB is not just as a numerical tool for evaluation of formulas, but also as an independent programming language capable of treating complex problems and is equipped with all the essential constructs of a higher programming language.

This one day, hands-on workshop designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of MATLAB as a programming language. It covers creating and handling basic M-file functions, using program control statements, utilizing the full programming advantages of MATLAB and coding of different types of functions. At the end of the day, participants of this course will have a strong foundation to develop custom and advanced algorithms using MATLAB.

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