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Course Description
"Graphic User Interface : Using GUIDE for GUI Creation in MATLAB” is a full day, hands-on course that provide step-by-step description while concentrating on useful tips and tricks that make GUI construction more trivial.

This course introduces you to the software capabilities for GUI development and covers the following areas in detail: Handle Graphics® programming and low-level GUIs, High-level GUI development using GUIDE. The structure of GUIs including event processing, callbacks, timers, and real-time animation of plots / data.

1 Full Day


  1. Preliminaries
    1. Definitions in a GUI
      • String
      • Value
      • Tag
      • Handles
      • Callback
    1. Basic operation of a GUI
      • How to use GUIDE to create a GUI
      • Designing the front panel
      • Programming of callbacks
  1. Understanding and programming GUI front panel buttons
    1. Classes of buttons
      • Analog inputs – Edit Text, Slider
      • Discrete inputs – Radio button, Checkbox, Popup menu, Listbox, Push button, Toggle button
      • Display output – Axes, Statictext
      • Groups
    1. Understanding and programming the callbacks for the front panel buttons
    2. Storing and retrieving data from callbacks
    3. Using the ‘eval’ function to evaluate mathematical expressions
    4. Examples
      • Simple ‘hello’ pushbutton
      • Graph plotter
  1. Other GUI components
    1. Message boxes
      • How to create message boxes to send messages to user
      • How to create dialog boxes to request user input
    1. Menus and context menus
    2. Example – enhancement of ‘Graph plotter’ example by incorporating message boxes and context menus
  1. Others (if time permits)
    1. GUI with Simulink
    2. GUI by command line programming

Who Should Attend:
Researchers, Lecturers, Scientists, Engineers and Managers that are not familiar but yet interested in creating GUI for your application. This hands-on course with case studies is designed mainly for beginners and users who are interested in sharpening their skills.

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