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  • Classify raw materials and better understand their properties using exploratory data analysis
  • Incorporate The Unscrambler® models with NIR spectrometers to determine end points of blending, drying and coating processes
  • Use The Unscrambler® developed models with analytical laboratory based instruments to determine the moisture or active content in lyophillised or solid dose products
  • MVA and DoE form one of the four key aspects of the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative. Determine the parameters that are critical to quality with The Unscrambler® and build your processes using Quality by Design (QbD)



  • Use multivariate models and NIR spectroscopy to monitor gasoline blending operations
  • Design new materials for wind generators and other renewable energy applications
  • Monitor coal quality online using multivariate models incorporating infrared spectroscopy and process equipment outputs
  • Use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for locating new oil reserves based on geochemical data


  • Optimise paint and other polymer based products and processes with process-mixture designs
  • Design new semi-conductor materials 4Use process outputs and other measurement equipment to monitor the quality of fertiliser production with multivariate process models
  • Improve paper and pulp operations by measuring critical raw material feeds and liquors
  • Use predictive modelling with process spectrometers to assess quality attributes of high value commodities during the progress of chemical reactions


Food & Beverages

  • Formulate new food and beverage products using designed experiments according to consumer segment requests
  • Target key markets using cluster analysis and consumer segmentation
  • Use The Unscrambler® to
    • Optimise baking times for pastry products
    • Blend the best combination of wines based on preference and cost
    • Improve the look and texture of new and existing products based on trained sensory panel evaluations
    • Reengineer competitive products

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