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The Unscrambler® X has set the standard in multivariate analysis (MVA) and design of experiments software for over 25 years. It is the preferred tool for thousands of data analysts, researchers and engineers around the world who need to analyze large and complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately using the power of multivariate analysis.

The Unscrambler® X version 10.2 is optimized for even greater usability, security and reliability, with several new analytical methods and data import options. The new version gives users the power of multivariate data analysis and interactive data visualization in an easy to use program.



Powerful analytical tools
Advanced regression and classification methods, exploratory data analysis tools, predictive modelling, extensive data pre-processing options as well as descriptive statistics & tests.


Outstanding data visualization
Interactive data visualization and graphics let you drill-down to individual data points. Zoom and rotate charts to see your data from different perspectives. Draw lines or add comments to your graphs.


Easy data importing
Drag & drop your data directly from Excel, with an option to preview it in the software. The program also accepts data from a wide range of analytical instruments and process equipment.

  Intutive and user-friendly
The intuitive user-interface makes it easy to navigate, and project-based workflows keep all related data sets, results and graphs together so it’s easy to find the information you need quickly.

What The Unscrambler® X offer:

Regression and classification methods: The software has advanced regression, classification and predictive modeling tools including cluster analysis, PCA, MCR, PCR, MLR, PLS-R, L-PLS, LDA, PLS-DA, SIMCA, Support Vector Machines

Exploratory data analysis tools: Data mining is easy with The Unscrambler® X. Its powerful exploratory data analysis tools let you cut through large data sets to identify underlying patterns quickly and easily.

Data pre-processing: Extensive data pre-processing options ensures your data are suitable for multivariate analysis. Includes smoothing, Savitzky-Golay, COW.

Faster processing of large data sets: 64-bit version offers faster processing of large data sets, improved stability and increased security so you can analyze your data faster, smarter and easier than ever.

Integrated Design of Experiments: The Unscrambler® X is the only major software application combining the power of multivariate analysis with Design of Experiments (DoE) functionality in one seamless package. Read more.

Extensive knowledge base and Help on hand: The software has detailed tutorials written by our world-leading experts, which explain the theory and application of MVA methods, plus practical examples and tips on using the software.

Improved security and compliance: Compliance mode, digital signatures, password access, Windows domain authentication and audit trails provide the necessary security requirements for regulated industries. The Unscrambler X is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records).

Flexible and adaptable architecture: Plug-in modules for specific methods or file formats give The Unscrambler X the flexibility to meet the needs of any industry. The Unscrambler® X models can also integrate into 3rd party applications.

Who should use The Unscrambler® X
The Unscrambler® X can be used in almost any industry and with a wide range of data types. It is particularly useful for:
  • Researchers or data analysts with large or complex data sets that need to better understand and get deeper insights from their data
  • Scientists working in process analysis, chemometrics, spectroscopy, metabolomics or sensometrics etc
  • Lecturers wanting to introduce MVA to their syllabus with an easy-to-learn, user-friendly package

Applications of The Unscrambler® X
We help clients develop, manufacture and market products faster and more cost effectively. The Unscrambler X can be used for:
  • R & D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control
  • Data mining and analysis of customer, product or transaction data
  • Predictive modeling in a wide range of industries

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