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The Unscrambler X Classification Engine is an easy to use software package enabling real time quality control measurements and Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC). It has proven to be ideal for capturing data from various instruments and process outputs, moving away from univariate approaches to a multivariate view of quality, The Unscrambler X Classification Engine can be used for

  • Provides quality measure used on the output of spectrometers or other process instruments
  • Process surveillance, on-line quality assurance, automatically accepting or rejecting items
  • On-line recognition and sorting of objects based on a combination of characteristics. for e.g. weight, size, shape etc
  • Identify contaminated samples based on multiple measurements
  • Classification of raw materials based on measurable characteristics
  • Integration of spectral / chromatographic data of samples, which can be configured to classifysamples into groups like Good/Bad, Pure/Adulterated etc
  • Example applications of the Unscrambler X Classification Engine
    • Classifying food samples accordingly to different characteristics for authenticity (e.g. olive oil, wine, honey etc)
    • Determining the origin of archaeological samples from classification models
    • Determining authenticity of automotive spare parts using handheld instruments
    • Using classification models to identify narcotics and/or counterfeit products
    • Classifying the disease state of tumors using MVA and imaging data
    • Sorting products on high-speed production lines into relevant groups according to product qualities

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