Embedded Laser Cutting and Engraving System
Googol's inverted pendulum system is a nonlinear unstable system, an ideal experiment platform for teaching control theories and conducting various control experiments. Many abstract control concepts, such as the stability and the controllability of a control system, can all be shown visually through the inverted pendulum system. In addition to educational purposes, an inverted pendulum is also an excellent tool for researchers of modern control theories. Through continuous research,  new control methods haven been developed and then applied to high-tech industries such as aeronautical engineering and robotics.
Control System Interface Panel
The all-in-one embedded laser cutting & engraving control system integrates both motion control and laser control functions in one single slim compact controller. Based on high speed CPU+DSP+FPGA architecture, the controller has excellent performance, simple structure and stable operation. It is a very cost-effective control system of which many critical technological researches and designs are specially targeted at the laser-processing field.

Technical Feature:

Main Features:

  • Dual processors and standalone controller integrates motion control and laser control.
  • Professional operating panel with powerful functions.
  • Network Control to fulfill distributed control of multiple machines.
  • Based on professional motion control technology.
  • Real-time detection of limited switch signals and driver alarm signals.
  • Speed optimization and trajectory optimization are used to ensure the high speed and smoothness of the large amounts of segments during the motion, thus prevent the formation of jags during the motion process.
  • Using analog or digital control CO2, YAG and other types of laser tubes.
  • Integrated laser power control model remove the non-linearity problem.
  • Backlash compensation and laser process control resolve the "double image" problem.
  • Special control algorithm to ensure the base smoothness of engraving;
  • Functions can be added, removed and customized easily due to open protocols, thus further development can be achieved.
Control System Functions :
  • Control penal with number keys, control keys and auxiliary function keys to facilitate parameters input
  • Display with processing time, quantity, total quantity and existing processing part
  • Encryption key, waterproof, cover protection, hardware limit switch, software limit, driver alarm and other alarm protection functions.
  • Support auto load/unload function, rotational engraving.
  • Array processing function of direct operation
  • Short key for concave/convex engraving, Inner/Outer cutting.
  • Support local and USB drive management of files such as file copy, file delete etc.
  • Compose speed ratio, energy ratio, corner cutting power and other real-tome adjusting function processing parameters
  • Different power on modes can be selected: homing or back to previous position
Data Processing Software Functions:
  • Support PLT, DXF, BMP and other popular file format
  • Embedded trajectory optimization and maximum efficiency processing algorithm
  • Curve-node display and off duty trajectory display
  • Graphic layout editing
  • Hierarchical processing
  • Graphical simulated processing display
  • Cutting & engraving two-axes backlash compensation function
  • Processing area display, can be defined by users
  • Software encryption function
  • Predestined starting position can be set
  • Industrial Ethernet, USB data transfer
  • CORELDRAW add-on tool box

Technical Specification:

SW platform

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Comm. Interface

USB ( U drive), Ethernet

Data format


Data capacity

128M Expandable to 2G

No of axes



280mm x 150mm x 20mm


±0.5 pulse

Panel Size

150mm x 100mm

Motor control

Pulse+Dir or ±Pulse

Power supply

24V Icc>1A and 5V Icc>2A

Laser control mode

PWM (Duty cycle adjustable 1000 divisions), Analog (5V, 4096 divisions)

Supported laser tube type


Ordering Guide

Standard package



Product model




Economical all-in one embedded motion-laser controller



Laser operation panel (with connecting cable)



External port to USB and Ethernet (with USB extension cord and Ethernet extension cable)



Encryption Key



Data processing software



Embedded system control software



Cables, CD, user manual etc



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