Motion Control Technology
“Way of Building Machinery”

Motion controller is developed on the basis of a high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) and field-programmable gate array (FPGA). The PC-based, open-architecture motion controller is now the most powerful motion controller that has been widely used in automation applications worldwide.

Simply put, a motion controller is a device to control, in real time, the position and velocity of an actuator, such that the moving parts to complete a motion according to the preset trajectory and given motion parameters. Depending on the characteristics and applications of motion controller, motion controller can be classified into three types: Point-to-point motion controller, contour motion controller and coordinated motion controller.

The typical architecture of a motion control system:

This open-architecture motion controller fully utilizes the resources of a PC. A motion control application program can be developed by using third-party software on the PC. Application program instruction can be transferred to the motion controller via PC bus.

A PC-based motion controller is the core of the whole motion control system. It accepts the application program commands from the host PC, fulfills the corresponding real-time motion planning (point-to-point motion, multi-axis interpolation motion or multi-axis coordinated motion) and outputs the corresponding motion instructions to the motor driver.

Typical applications

Point-to-point motion control
Contour motion control

Coordinated motion control



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